SEVENTEEN’s Arguments For Having 3 Hands Will Make You Wish You Could Grow Another One

If you thought you had enough hands, Jeonghan’s team will convince you otherwise.

In SEVENTEEN‘s latest episode of Going SEVENTEEN, they split themselves into two teams for a lively debate. Jeonghan, Woozi, Vernon, The8, Hoshi, and DK knocked it out of the park for defending having three hands rather than three eyes.


Hoshi started by explaining how easy it would be to use a game controller with two hands while using the third to snack on food. He also named the advantage of choosing all three options when playing the Korean version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Jeonghan then pointed out how useful a third hand would be to hold an umbrella on a rainy day while carrying bags. The same applied to a regular walk where you merely wanted to look at your phone while holding bags.

He even had DK demonstrate how to use a third hand as an impromptu chair. Woozi suggested more finger hearts for fans. The8 noted the convenience of carrying your movie ticket, popcorn, and drink at the movie theater. It was what DK said next that had everyone impressed.

He delivered the final blow when he said that hands are better for helping people rather than eyes. On top of that, the third hand would reach even more people that need help.

If you haven’t been convinced of sprouting that third hand, watch Jeonghan’s team make their point here.