SEVENTEEN Have A Big Dorm, But Two Members Just Can’t Resist Being Roommates

While everyone else has a room to themselves, they’re sharing one.

Between breaking records in Korea and Japan with their releases, SEVENTEEN have more than earned the right to a spacious dorm that can give all thirteen of them some breathing room.

Although they do have a dorm big enough where each member can have a room to themselves, they’re not entirely using it to its full potential.

They revealed there were two members who still shared a room during SBS‘s Power Time hosted by Choi Jung Hwa.

Wonwoo revealed that he was the one sharing a room. If you know SEVENTEEN, there’s one member that would be the perfect fit for his roommate: Mingyu. Funnily enough, it wasn’t quite by choice.

The meanie couple was destined to stay together because of a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that paired them as roommates. Still, he admitted that he keeps his computer tucked away in S.Coups‘s room.

Even a game of chance can’t keep Wonwoo and Mingyu apart. After all, who couldn’t love such a one-of-a-kind friendship?

Listen to Wonwoo explain how they ended up sharing a room.