These SEVENTEEN Members’ Birthday Cakes Are Way Too Cute To Eat

Seriously, we would feel bad trying to cut into one.

They say you eat with your eyes first, so it’s no wonder that cake decorating is an art form. These cakes the members of SEVENTEEN had on their birthdays are such a feast for the eyes that there’s barely any need to actually eat them!

Joshua with his birthday cake | @pledis_17/Twitter

Ever since last year, the SEVENTEEN members have had a trend of receiving absolutely adorable birthday cakes that they showed off to fans. Typically, they have been cute animal representations of members, like these lovable cats for Wonwoo and Jun.

Wonwoo with his birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Jun with his birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Woozi also got a super cute cat cake that we can’t stop squealing over.

Woozi’s birthday cake | @pledis_17/Twitter

The8 even had a precious little frog as his birthday cake.

The8 with his birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Some of the cakes have even been even more detailed, like this tiger Hoshi had, which we’re sure he totally loved.

Hoshi’s birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

And we couldn’t possibly forget about the bunny cake Jeonghan had that was just too cute for words!

Jeonghan with his birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Now that it’s a new year, the birthday cycle has started over, which means even more cute cakes! Seungkwan, who has the earliest birthday of the year, has now received 2 adorable cakes. Last year’s was this super cute bear.

Seungkwan’s 2021 birthday cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

This year, his cake was this precious tangerine! The cake is a nod to his home of Jeju, which is known for its tangerines.

Seungkwan with his 2022 cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Most recently, Dino has had his birthday again. His cake last year was an otter, since his looks are often compared to a baby otter’s.

Dino with his 2021 cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

This year’s cake was a charming little dinosaur, which of course is a tribute to his stage name!

Dino with his 2022 cake | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

Seriously, all these cakes are just so cute, we’d feel bad trying to eat them! We can’t wait to see what other adorable cakes the rest of the members will receive for their birthdays this year.