SEVENTEEN Blessed Their Fans By Turning This University Festival Into Their Own Concert

It was just lit AF.

On May 25, 2019, SEVENTEEN went to Korea University‘s annual festival IPSELENTI and performed a total of 6 tracks, turning it into their very own mini concert. Some members even got up close and personal with the audience, driving them into a wild state of excitement!


SEVENTEEN members prepared a set list of their most popular hit songs, including “Adore U” and “Clap”, and really showed off everything they can do. Students in the audience were mind blown by the level of pure energy and passion that SEVENTEEN members had!


SEVENTEEN members even performed an unplanned encore track, “Holiday”, thanks to how turnt up the festival got. All of the members lost themselves in the music and seemed to be having the time of their lives. SEVENTEEN definitely showed Korea University students how to have fun!


The audience instantly fell in love with SEVENTEEN and their passion for stage. Everyone had an amazing time – especially with the members constantly hyping them up to let loose and enjoy the madness. SEVENTEEN members were soaking wet with sweat and from splashing water around, but no one seemed to mind!


Soon after SEVENTEEN wrapped up the festival with their final performance, Korea University’s broadcasting station KUBS shared the full 33 minutes of the group’s lit AF performances in HQ on their official YouTube channel. Now the world gets to envy what a magical time SEVENTEEN created for the audience at the festival!


Watch the whole thing here: