SEVENTEEN Breaks Down Three Must-Know Korean Words To Add To Your Vocab

“I ip-deok SEVENTEEN.”

SEVENTEEN recently sat down with Vanity Fair to define some Korean phrases popular among fans.

Although many of them were familiar, three words weren’t so common. Here’s how they explained them.

As soon as they began, the first word ip-deok made them chuckle. Seungkwan had even mistaken it for IP address, making them laugh. Vernon took over the explanation, stating, “Getting to like a certain group… I ip-deok SEVENTEEN.” The next word wasn’t as cheerful.

When it comes to snatching up tickets for K-Pop concerts, picketing is the word you’ll want to use. Since “it can get so brutal,” Vernon explained that pi, meaning blood, is added to the front of ticketing to sum up how it feels. Wonwoo said, “The competition is extremely tough.”

Unlike the previous ones, the final word had two different meanings. When they all spotted the word assa, their energy returned. Vernon’s first explanation of it was, “Yay. Nice.” After a moment of thought, Seungkwan and Woozi realized there was another meaning for it.

Assa also means outsider, especially when mentioned with inssa, which means insider. Hoshi summed it up best with a quick tip to remember: “Outsider, short: assa.”

Did you learn something new from SEVENTEEN? Watch them explain even more Korean words and phrases here.