SEVENTEEN Was Loudly Cheering For Wonho At The 2021 AAAs, Here’s Why That’s So Wholesome

They were the most supportive friends!

Wonho has won the award for Best Musician at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards and fans could not be prouder. This is a special award not only because it’s well-deserved, but also because it is Wonho’s first time attending an award show as a solo artist.

For this reason, there was a moment that many fans found particularly heartwarming during the show: since fans were not able to cheer for him in person at the ceremony, it was all the more touching when, as Wonho was given his award, the members of SEVENTEEN were seen (and heard!) loudly cheering for him.

It was a purely wholesome moment, made all the more emotional by the fact that this was Wonho’s first time at an awards show as a solo artist. During his speech, Wonho mentioned how much he appreciated the support of his close friends, and fans were quick to point out his friendship with the members of SEVENTEEN.

Some fans pointed out that even though there was no audience, the members of SEVENTEEN were so loud and enthusiastic in their cheering that an audience might not even be necessary any more!

It says a lot about the members of SEVENTEEN that they were so supportive of their friend, as well as of other groups such as ASTRO. Fans of both SEVENTEEN and Wonho will be happy to see this wholesome interaction, as SEVENTEEN proved that they are kind friends who gave Wonho the enthusiastic support he deserves!