SEVENTEEN Chooses Between Wearing A Backless Top Or A Crop Top

Carats love them in both!

SEVENTEEN is a group full of talented members, amazing stages, and of course, fantastic style! Some of their most memorable outfits include ones that expose their impressive physiques!

During DICON‘s “Relay-Pick,” SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Hoshi, Jeonghan, and Seungkwan were given two options and had to pick which option they’d rather go with. One of the questions asked them to pick an outfit that exposes the entire back or a crop top that exposes their stomachs.

Since Wonwoo often wears crop tops, one would believe he’d choose an outfit that shows off his incredible abs; however, Wonwoo chose to go with an outfit that reveals his back!

Jeonghan also chose an outfit that highlights his back rather than his stomach.

Next up, Hoshi also chose to reveal his back.

Before Seungkwan answered the question, Jeonghan commented, “Seungkwan’s belly button is pretty.” Seungkwan laughed and chose to wear a crop top over something that exposes his back.

Check out the video below: