The SEVENTEEN Choreography So Embarrassing Joshua “Hated” It

He played it off so well that no one would’ve guessed.

Since SEVENTEEN has released so many songs and come up with so much choreography, Joshua revealed which one was far from his favorite.


On an episode of MMTG, the group confirmed one of their “BOOMBOOM” dance moves was inspired by an iconic scene from X-Man. In it, Kim Jong Kook covered the ears of actress Yoon Eun Hye in such a romantic way it inspired dating rumors that went on for over fifteen years.

SEVENTEEN incorporated that into their choreography by having Mingyu cover Joshua’s ears. Although Jae Jae pointed out how “prim” Joshua looked, that wasn’t how Joshua felt.

Making Jae Jae burst into laughter, Joshua admitted, “I hated that choreography. It was too embarrassing.

From how relaxed Joshua looked whenever he did the choreography with Mingyu, nobody would’ve been able to guess he was so embarrassed.

While Yoon Eun Hye’s heart fluttered from Kim Jong Kook, see Joshua talk about having the opposite reaction from their choreography.