SEVENTEEN Pick Their Toughest Choreography That Was Nearly Impossible To Learn

They all agreed on its difficulty.

Because SEVENTEEN is known for their complicated choreography, only they can make look effortless, Refinery29 couldn’t avoid asking the group which of their choreography was the most difficult for them to learn.

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Seungkwan pointed out that there were so many options to choose from, “Our dances are known to be difficult.” From the members’ whispers, he noted two that had given them a bit of trouble: “‘HIT’ was one of the hard choreographies, and ‘Good To Me’ was also difficult.

Still, there was one choreography that topped them both.

Seungkwan revealed the sexy choreography that was the toughest for them to learn. “But out of many, ‘Getting Closer’. Mastering ‘Getting Closer’ was challenging.” Many of them couldn’t help but agree.

Mingyu exclaimed, “It seemed impossible at first, but we did it!” He’d taken the words right out of S.Coups‘s mouth: “Yeah, that is a perfect way of saying it.

Mingyu couldn’t get over how much energy and determination went into mastering the dance, “It really seemed impossible.

Fortunately, SEVENTEEN was able to overcome the nearly impossible obstacle to treat fans to the sexy concept they’d waited a long time to see from the group.

See Seungkwan and Mingyu speak for them all about how hard it had been to learn the moves, starting around 13:08.