SEVENTEEN Re-Creates Their First Win From 3 Years Ago And It’s Spot On!

I’m not crying, you are.

On May 4th of 2016, SEVENTEEN members took their first win on the music show Show Champion with their hit song “Pretty U”. A whole three years later, the members decided to look back at the chilling moment and relive the memories by reenacting their reactions! SEVENTEEN’s 2019 version of their 2016 selves is so spot on and CARATs are happy-crying over how the far the boys have come.


In 2016, when the show host announced that SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U” won #1 on the charts, Hoshi is completely thrown off by the sound of that. Note how DK‘s eyes are about to pop out of his face, with such utter shock!


The 2019 version recreated this moment down to a T. Check out Hoshi and DK’s amazing acting skills. The boys haven’t changed a bit since 2016!

Jeonghan even brought a wig to make sure that he has the same banging hairstyle as he did back in 2016…


S.Coups also did an excellent job at recreating his overwhelmed self from 2016. Back then, he initially stepped up and took the microphone to say thanks, but then ended up getting too emotional and tossing the mic to Hoshi.


Look how the ’19 S.Coups recreated this overwhelmingly powerful moment:


Seungkwan and Woozi were two members who cried their hearts out at the news of their first win in 2016. Check them out getting all the feels about it over again…


… while Wonwoo, who can be spotted in the back, has unendingly been frozen in time since 2016 – with that classic, signature emotionless face!


SEVENTEEN members also tried building the pyramid again. Back in 2016, the members turned themselves into a human pyramid as a part of their promise to the fans if they win.


The 2019 version of this pyramid is still a crumbling mess, but the members have a blast reliving the moment!


Looking back and recreating the whole experience, SEVENTEEN members got the chills all over again and they felt humbled. DK shared, “I almost feel like we’re back in the moment.” CARATs watching also got emotional because that first win meant a lot to both the members and the fans.


To Jeonghan, it was a bit embarrassing and almost cringe-y to go back and be his 2016 rookie self again. But he said it’s all worth the try to make CARATs happy!


Years may have gone by, but the love between SEVENTEEN members and their fans have only grown stronger. The members still work hard, stay modest, and drop bops while CARATs continue to follow, support, and love the boys. CARATs look forward to making more “winning moments” like this, with the one and only SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN from May 4, 2016 on Show Champion


Check out both the 2016 and the 2019 versions below. Here are the boys in 2016:


And in 2019: