SEVENTEEN Creates A Trick To Make A Latte And All Of Them Were Mind-Blown

The taste was too spot on for them.

During an episode of GOING SEVENTEEN 2019, SEVENTEEN stumbled upon a new way to make a latte when Hoshi brought in a tray of drinks.

After a few moments of deciding, they chose which ones they wanted.

Since half of them were milk and half were coffee, Hoshi was aiming to drink both. That’s when S.Coups said that combining the two would make it a latte. Since Hoshi had chosen a cup of coffee, he took The8‘s milk and sipped both drinks together.

Vernon and Seungkwan were curious about the taste as well, so they followed Hoshi’s method and sipped both drinks at the same time. Vernon got excited by how well they matched and Seungkwan’s eyes widened.

Woozi said the method looked ridiculous, but their expressions made him want to try it too. And, he laughed after testing it because they had been right. D.K, Jeonghan, Mingyu, Jun, Dino, and Wonwoo joined in as well. They were all surprised and D.K even shouted it was a latte.

Even though they knew what to expect, actually tasting it had been a different story. See SEVENTEEN discover lattes here.