Watch SEVENTEEN Members Destroy Seungkwan For Trying To Interview Each Of Them

Just another day for SEVENTEEN and Carats though.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan guided the viewers behind-the-scene at their recent Knowing Bros shoot. As an aspiring show host, Seungkwan took on the mission of interviewing every single SEVENTEEN member while on standby in the waiting room. While Seungkwan started off eager and hopeful, he was completely drained by the end of the interview – thanks to the out-of-this-world level of energy that the members are known to have!


Through the first few members, Seungkwan was pulled together and excellent in hosting the interview questions. Jeonghan and Dino were relatively cooperative in answering Seungkwan’s questions sincerely and calmly.

Seungkwan: How are you feeling today? Out of 100?
Jeonghan: I’m doing great. I’m like a 98 out of 100 today.


By the time Seungkwan got to Woozi, the members began releasing their (not-so) inner crazies. When Woozi picked DK to be someone he’d write a song for, DK busted out some aegyo…


… and that became a sign for everyone to let their seriousness down and be their natural silly selves. Next up for Seungkwan was The8, who actually went savage on Seungkwan and ripped him apart for having the worst fashion style in the group.

Seungkwan: Who is the best dresser in the group?
The8: Me.
Seungkwan: Who is the worst?
The8: You.


And look how the crowd (a.k.a the rest of SEVENTEEN) reacted to the burn:


By this point, Seungkwan began to seem a bit exhausted from dealing with his fellow teammates one on one. He moved on to Jun, but Jun wasn’t going to let Seungkwan off easy either. Here’s Jun playfully shading Seungkwan for having brain fall apart during this interview:

Seungkwan: Which member speaks Korean less fluently than you do?
Jun: Looks like today, it’s you.


Seungkwan got to Mingyu and it was no longer an interview, but more of a party. When Mingyu said he’d be down to treat the members to dinner and it set Hoshi loose on a dancing spree!


Seungkwan’s last interviewee was Vernon. When asked to share SEVENTEEN’s mindset as they head over to the Knowing Bros shoot, Vernon described it as “riding in on tigers like champions”. And the visualization was provided:


Seungkwan looked completely pooped at the end of the interview. But Carats thoroughly enjoyed this one-on-one interview, showing how down-to-Earth SEVENTEEN members are.


Fans are now looking forward to the actual Knowing Bros episode, most likely featuring this same level of energy (possibly higher)!

Watch the nine minutes of complete chaos here: