SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Confesses It’s Hard For Him To Reveal His Feelings To Dino—The Reason Is So Touching

You might shed some tears!

In the SOOP SEVENTEEN ver. recently released a new episode of their fun vacation and while everything was light and fun, Seungkwan and Dino shared a touching heart to heart.


The members of SEVENTEEN are amazing as a group, but they also thrive individually. Because each member has their own schedule along with group promotions, Seungkwan found himself needing to leave their vacation to shoot for something else.

After many of the members had gone to bed, the group’s maknae Dino and Seungkwan had a late-night talk. Dino expressed to his hyung, “When I heard that you had to go back and forth, I was a little worried for you.” Dino continued and conveyed that he wishes Seungkwan could relax since they’re on vacation.

Once again, Seungkwan assured Dino that he was okay. Instead of looking at the negative, Seungkwan shared that he was thankful to have this vacation. Seungkwan’s words were truly comforting, however, Dino couldn’t help but pour out his heart to him. Dino explained how he often worries about whether or not Seungkwan is working too much and not taking care of his own health.

Dino also assured Seungkwan that he can always come to him or the other members when he is stressed. Overall, Dino stated that he wants to be there for his hyungs just as they have for him.

As time goes on, I’m more in admiration. Now I want to be there to support and respect you more.

— Dino

Seungkwan then confessed that it’s actually difficult for him to share his deep feelings with Dino. Since Dino is the youngest member, Seungkwan revealed that he does not want to fill Dino’s head with worries.

When something happens and I need to talk about something serious, it’s the hardest for me to talk to you about it. You’ve grown so much that you’re thinking about all of the things you just said. You’re not at all this thoughtless little brother. You’ve grown so much and think so maturely. That’s why we, the older ones, find it hard to approach you now.

— Seungkwan

Following Seungkwan’s words, Dino shed some tears. As the youngest of the group, Seungkwan informed Dino that while he does learn a lot from Dino’s growth, it’s also okay for him to merely be the youngest of the group and not worry about his hyungs too much: “You can just be a baby at times.” 

Check out the episode below: