SEVENTEEN Dino’s Dad Was Almost A K-Pop Idol Trainee

His dad could have been a 1st gen idol.

Actress, television personality, and trot singer Jang Yeong Ran recently released a new video on her popular YouTube channel featuring SEVENTEEN‘s Dino.

While the two artists chatted, Dino revealed that he wasn’t the first member of his family to aspire to be an idol and explained the circumstances that led to his dad turning down the opportunity to become a trainee.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino (left) and Jang Yeong Ran (right) | A급 장영란/YouTube

Dino recently dropped a new mixtape, Wait, and appeared on the program to celebrate the release.

While on the show, Dino opened up about his upbringing, why he decided to release his solo music, hilariously dodged questions about his “dating style,” and more.

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Jang Yeong Ran asked Dino about the start of his K-Pop idol career, and the popular SEVENTEEN member explained that he liked “receiving attention” when he was younger and that being an idol was in his blood due to his father being a dancer.

Dino shared that his dad would often critique his performances, but after SEVENTEEN’s first performance at Gocheok Sky Dome in 2022, he earned the “respect” of his dad, who told him, “You are beyond my hands now.

Dino’s dad has shown off his dance talents many times, and Dino’s parents both joined him for the “Super” dance challenge earlier this year.

Jang Yeong Ran wondered if Dino’s dad ever had his own idol dreams, and Dino admitted that he did and that it was a “dramatic story.

Dino revealed that his dad, who he said was born in 1977, had an opportunity to become a trainee in Seoul. Given his age, if he had debuted, he would have likely joined K-Pop’s first generation.

When he received the offer, he was faced with the decision to either move to Seoul or stay where he lived to marry his then-girlfriend (Dino’s mom).

Dino’s dad ultimately decided to marry his girlfriend, and Dino shared that the two had only dated for a year and a half.

Jang Yeong Ran, reacting to the timeframe, asked if Dino was present during their dating period, indirectly asking if his mom was pregnant with him, and Dino hilariously confirmed it was “close to what happened.

Learning that Dino’s dad made the decision not to become a trainee in order to choose his family, Jang Yeong Ran concluded that he was a “responsible man,” to which Dino nodded in agreement.

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