SEVENTEEN’s Dino Pushed And Ignored At Recent Fanmeet In Japan

Carats are banding together to protect their maknae:

Fanmeets are normally events to be celebrated, the group’s latest meetup has left many Carats upset because of mistreatment SEVENTEEN‘s Dino received at the event.


SEVENTEEN have recently been touring in Japan on their SEVENTEEN Japan Tour Haru. While they’be been wowing fans onstage, they’ve also been spending time with Carats. During the most recent meeting, however, things didn’t exactly go smoothly.


Carats from the event reported that during the meetings, when it came time for the one-on-one time, some of those at the event simply ignored Dino and refused to shake his hand.


Some fans even alleged that Dino had been pushed and shoved by some of these people!


Although there are no videos capturing the event, Carats have been recalling previous times when Dino was mistreated and underappreciated by others.


In response, Carats have been banding together and have been trending the #leechanprotectionsquad hashtag. They’ve been calling out those who allegedly mistreated Dino at the event while reminding everyone that even the members themselves have said to love all 13 members.


Fans have also been sending a whole lot of love to Dino and have expressed how sorry they were that they weren’t at the event to cheer him on!


Meanwhile, fans are expressing their hopes that something like this doesn’t happen to Dino or any of the other members in the future because fans know that they deserve all the love in the world!