SEVENTEEN’s Dino Details The Struggles Of Being The Youngest To 12 Older Members

“I would get hurt by them…”

Despite having thirteen members, SEVENTEEN makes being in such a large group look easy. And they’re still going strong as they enter their ninth year together. However, everything hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since Dino is now an adult, he opened up about his difficulties as the maknae (youngest member) to twelve older members.

Dino, Seungkwan, and Mingyu. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since LE SSERAFIM‘s Hong Eunchae gave Dino the space to share all his struggles as a maknae, he took the opportunity to share what he wanted to say since SEVENTEEN’s early days. His first complaint was being “pranked a lot” by the members.

Though Dino laughed about it now, he also mentioned how they would say things to purposely upset him.

Because I’m the youngest as well, they would deliberately say mean stuff. I would get hurt by them and be like this… (look down sadly)

— Dino

The most challenging part was that the twelve members “all have different characteristics.” So Dino couldn’t interact with each member the same way.

It was such a major issue that Dino constantly thought of ways to bond with each member. He said, “Then what should I do? What should I do to make this relationship more comfortable?

SEVENTEEN is a family now. But they didn’t create a bond overnight. Listen to Dino’s struggles of getting closer to his older members in their early days.