SEVENTEEN’s DK Didn’t Want To Be An Idol, Here’s How He Joined Pledis Entertainment

Even though he can’t imagine himself as anything else, here’s what led him to the idol path.

While some idols dreamed of becoming singers since they were very little, others found out later in life or hadn’t been originally interested in it at all.

In a recent interview with Get In The Car, SEVENTEEN‘s DK revealed he was actually part of the latter and how he’d ended up joining Pledis Entertainment.

At the time, DK gained an interest in singing and began to take vocal lessons to explore the hobby. Since he knew someone who had information on Pledis Entertainment, he contacted them and ended up setting up an audition.

It wasn’t because he wanted to be an idol, though. He didn’t have any intentions of accomplishing that. DK simply wanted to give it a shot to see how well he’d do.

I contacted a person who knows about Pledis and took their audition, but I wasn’t really interested in becoming an idol star. So, I went to the audition so casually and sang “This Is The Moment”.

Little did DK know, he would be contacted by the company shortly afterward for him to join the company. He didn’t turn the offer down, “They reached out to me, and I joined the company, which is still very surreal.”

Although he hadn’t originally planned to be a singer, DK can’t imagine a life where he chose a different path in life. “I couldn’t imagine myself being something other than a singer.”

With such an excellent vocal range and vocals as sweet as honey, DK needed to share it with the world. SEVENTEEN wouldn’t be the same without him. See him discuss how he gravitated where he was meant to be here.