SEVENTEEN’s DK Reveals The Time He Got Flustered Due To Jeonghan’s Playful Personality

Jeonghan is quite a playful person!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has quite the playful personality, and this once led to DK getting a bit flustered

During a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, Jeonghan shared that one time when they were aboard, he was sharing a room with DK and had the key card to their hotel room. While they were riding the elevator to their room, DK was talking with some other people.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Jeonghan ran to their room and locked the door.

Jeonghan then got his phone out and told DK to do the “Gwiyomi Song”. In the end, DK ended up doing what Jeonghan said, and Jeonghan recorded the whole thing.

Here’s the full video below!