SEVENTEEN’s DK Can’t Seem To Avoid Bumping Into Ceiling Lights

It’s happened more than once!

SEVENTEEN‘s DK and Vernon recently held a live broadcast in celebration for their shared birthday! During the live broadcast, DK had a hilarious and adorable incident with the ceiling light, and it’s not the first time something like that has happened to him!

During DK and Vernon’s live broadcast the two planned to make a heart shape together with their arms, instead, something hilarious happened.

DK merely stood up and before the camera panned up to his level, DK confusingly stated, “Oh what is this?” Once the camera caught up to his height, DK started laughing and asked once again “What is this?” It was too funny!

The light fitted directly onto his head! DK even commented that it looked as though he was wearing a party hat.

This, of course, made Carats remember a similar moment during an INSIDE SEVENTEEN episode! Back in 2020, SEVENTEEN was performing at the Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE).


DK was just hanging out when he looked into Seungkwan’s camera and said “Come here” only to hit his head against the light hanging from the ceiling.


While it sounded painful, DK and Seungkwan couldn’t’ help it and giggled at the unfortunate encounter.


Perhaps it’s due to DK’s bright personality and shining talent that this keeps happening to him! DK is always putting a smile on Carat’s face without even trying. Hopefully, for the sake of his safety and Carats hearts, DK won’t be hitting his head on anything else anytime soon!

Source: Naver TV