SEVENTEEN’s DK Once Forgot The Melody To “Adore U” 3 Times In One Performance—His Members’ Reactions Were Hilarious

“You don’t remember our song?”

SEVENTEEN‘s main vocalists DK and Seungkwan are always blowing us away with their amazing vocals and flawless performances! While the two always nail everything they sing, DK and Seungkwan once repeatedly messed up the melody to their song “Adore U” and everyone’s reaction was priceless!

In SEVENTEEN’s hit debut song “Adore U,” DK is in charge of the popular line “Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby” in the song’s chorus. While it’s constantly stuck in Carat’s heads, DK had trouble remembering the melody.

DK in “Adore U” MV | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

DK sang the first few words of his line perfectly, however, he lost the melody at the end and sang in a lower note and then a higher note as he was not sure how to sing it correctly. DK was shocked and couldn’t help but laugh at himself. Of course, DK’s fellow members also burst out into laughter! DK tried to defend himself and claimed, “It’s been a while.

When his same line came up again, DK couldn’t seem to remember the melody. Once again, DK and his members died of laughter. It was so hilarious that DK and Mingyu were overcome with laughter and collapsed to the floor.

On the floor, DK shared “I can’t remember the melody” and Woozi responded, “How can you forget the melody?” Another member commented, “You don’t remember our song?

In his last chance to get the melody correct, DK tried going up to a higher note. Sadly, going higher wasn’t the right move and DK messed up the melody again. One member laughed and asked, “What’s wrong with you?

At the end of the song, the group’s other talented main vocalist tried to remind DK of the melody by singing the line himself. Hilariously, it appeared that DK’s mistake was contagious as Seungkwan also messed up the melody and everyone was surprised.

Check out the hilarious clip below: