SEVENTEEN’s DK Reveals Jeonghan’s Memorable Reaction To Watching Him In The “Xcalibur” Musical And It Will Melt Your Heart

He couldn’t help but get emotional.

SEVENTEEN‘s DK recently sat down with Theatre Plus to talk about his musical Xcalibur and revealed a memorable reaction from one of his members!

Coming back from a year-long hiatus, XCalibur has finally returned! XCalibur‘sinitial release was all the way back in 2019 and now that it is returning, DK answered several questions regarding the musical.

One question DK was asked about during his interview with Theater Plus was, “What’s the most memorable thing you’ve heard from the members who have seen your show?”

To no one’s surprise, the most memorable reaction came from one of his fellow members. DK revealed that Jeonghan gave an impressionable reaction and it’s honestly touching.

Jeonghan hyung came to see the opening show. But he said he couldn’t stop crying… from the first scene through the whole show. He kept crying because it reminded him of all the time I spent as a trainee. That was memorable.

— DK

Check out the clip below: