SEVENTEEN’s DK Running Off When Scared Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Ever See

S.Coups and Mingyu couldn’t take how funny it was.

In the third part of SEVENTEEN‘s MBTI testing for Going SEVENTEEN, DK‘s reaction to being scared was so funny that it had his member in stitches.


DK was calm at first, completely unaware that anything suspicious was happening.

As soon as the light went out though, DK let out a high pitched dolphin scream. He’d realized that the mannequins were real people and the flickering lights had been a setup for scaring him.

It worked. When the lights came back on, DK was scared out of his mind, repeatedly asking, “Why?” The funny faces he made proved just how scared he was.

It became even scarier for him when the “mannequins” returned back to their original positions like they hadn’t just moved. Compared to the hilarious dolphin scream and funny faces he made, what he did next took the cake.

DK froze without moving a muscle as he analyzed his choices. When he finally decided, he took off running like he was being chased.

Since the rest of SEVENTEEN were watching the whole thing happen live, they immediately burst into laughter at seeing DK take off.

DK is such a funny guy that he can make everyone laugh even when he’s not trying. Watch DK’s reaction that had SEVENTEEN cracking up.