SEVENTEEN’s DK Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind Him Dismantling A Mannequin Prop During Their Online Concert

You can always count on SEVENTEEN to provide hilarious content.

As many Carats know, SEVENTEEN held their successful online concert, In-complete, on January 23. The concert received much praise and love from the fans.

Along with beautiful vocals and choreography, SEVENTEEN gave fans some unintentional hilarious content. One moment, in particular, was member DK randomly removing the upper half of a mannequin prop.

The stunt didn’t seem to go as plan as DK gave a funny and surprised expression. Fans were curious to know what exactly happened and DK gave some answers.

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During a live broadcast, DK shared that he honestly thought the mannequin was connected from head to toe. He did not expect it to split in half, and when he did, he was shocked.

He explained that he was suddenly flustered because it was a live broadcast: “I’m doing this during a live broadcast and I suddenly got flustered.”

DK further explained that he held the mannequin and took it to member Woozi; however, Woozi didn’t see because he was looking at other members: “I took it and went to Woozi Hyung, but Woozi hyung couldn’t see me because he was watching other members.”

In fact, all the members were looking at everyone else but DK.

Desperate, DK shared that he finally said “hurry and look at me.

Once DK finally got the attention of Woozi, he demonstrated the hilarious facial expression Woozi made.

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Fans were loving the story behind the funny incident and can’t stop talking about it. Fans can always count on SEVENTEEN to put a smile on Carat’s faces!

Source: Naver Live