SEVENTEEN’s DK Thanks Carats For Accepting Them As They Are

He appreciates how Carats support them on a deeper level.

When asked what he liked most about his fans, SEVENTEEN‘s DK didn’t hesitate in his answer.


He made sure Carats felt how grateful he was and didn’t stop at conveying it in the usual way.

In an interview with Young Hollywood, DK thanked fans for supporting them as a group and named performances as one of the specific ways they do so. It was what he said next that made all the difference.

He was also thankful for fans loving them on a deeper level than just as idols. Carats love them for who they are as individual people.

We are also so grateful for our fans who love us for who we are, as people.

There’s a difference between supporting an idol as a performer and as a person. DK realizes that and appreciates the extra mile that Carats go in supporting them. Listen to him thank them for fully accepting SEVENTEEN.