You Need To See SEVENTEEN’s DK Dressed As King Arthur Right Now

DK in chainmail is guaranteed to make your heart flutter.

Although SEVENTEEN‘s DK hasn’t shown off his vocal powers yet, he’s already making everyone swoon as King Arthur.


DK has been preparing for his first ever lead musical role in the upcoming release of Xcalibur.


The musical is based on the famous story of King Arthur, his sword Excalibur, and of course, the round table! While the cast includes many veteran musical actors, DK is the one who has been cast as King Arthur along with JYJ‘s Junsu and well-known musical actor Kai.


Ahead of the musical, Pledis Entertainment and EMK Musical have been releasing behind the scenes photos and let’s just say they are absolutely stunning!


Decked out in chainmail and leather armor, DK gives off an incredibly powerful and charismatic appearance.


Add in Excalibur and you’ve got King DK!


His powerful and kingly aura comes straight out of the pictures and you can already imagine DK as King Arthur.


In fact, you can almost believe that DK is really King Arthur!


The photos have also cranked up the excitement for his lead role and many fans have already expressed just how pumped they are for this musical to start.


The musical is set to start on June 15, and many fans are extremely excited to see DK take on the role.


Check out an official trailer of the teaser below, but prepare your hearts for even more DK magic!