SEVENTEEN D.K’s Voice Cracked, And How Jeonghan Found Him Afterward Will Make You Emotional

It affected him more than anyone thought.

During a live broadcast, SEVENTEEN were recognizing the hard work D.K had put into his musical Xcalibur when a past memory about him had come to Jeonghan.


He started by sharing that D.K hadn’t been confident in his abilities ever since he was a trainee.

So, there was a time when D.K didn’t perform his solo song “I Wanna Fly” as well as he would’ve liked. His voice had suddenly cracked during their concert, in front of all of their fans.

It had been so difficult for D.K that Jeonghan found him crying in the bathroom about it. To make it even more emotional, Jeonghan had to take the stage for his own solo while D.K was crying.

With vocals like these though, a minor voice crack most likely hadn’t disappointed Carats. If anything, it proved that he was human just like everyone else.

Although the memory was a sad one, they didn’t forget to praise D.K for doing well since then, especially Hoshi. Listen to Jeonghan recall the memory and them praising D.K’s talent at 5:34.