SEVENTEEN’s Fan Manager Knows Exactly What Carats Want

She worked wonders with her hands.

SEVENTEEN fans are in love with not only the group members, but also this fan manager who knows exactly what they want. Carats noticed how she pushes SEVENTEEN members to do things that make them UWU hard; so they are calling her their genie for making dreams come true.


1. “Just trust me and bite this.”

When she spotted Wonwoo with some flowers, she did not hesitate another second before making him put it in his mouth. Fans fall hard for these precious moments, so she made sure he kept it going for everyone to snap pics.

She didn’t let him fool around either. When he fumbled around with the rose a bit, she caught him and immediately made sure it’s back in position.


2. “You want it? You got it.”

When she tried to take the bunny ears off Jeonghan, Carats all let out a big “Aww.” That’s when she realized the fans need a little more time being blessed with that visual. She snapped the headband right back on him and even made sure the ears are perky enough for everyone to see.


3. “This obviously goes here.”

When she spotted Hoshi holding a rose, she knew exactly where it belonged. Note how she glances over his shoulders, realizes he has a flower, and doesn’t waste another second letting him be that boring. Carats can’t get over how quickly and mercilessly the manager carried out the act!


4. “Oh please, let me see that!”

Wonwoo was struggling with putting the flower crown correctly on his head, when the fan manager came to save the day. Watch how quickly she zooms to his side and snatches the crown from his lost hands. With her help, Wonwoo was able to wear the crown correctly and look as fabulous as ever!


5. “Nuh-uh, don’t touch it.”

Even Woozi, a member known to stray far from “cutesy stuff”, can’t escape this fan manager. When he became conscious about the pin on his head and started messing around with it, she came and made sure he doesn’t take it off and ruin the fun for all the Carats. Fans are in love with the face Woozi makes when she stop him from escaping the pin!


6. “Keep calm and carry on.”

When Hoshi’s crown fell, he panicked for a good second. It was the reliable, trustworthy fan manager who came to the rescue though! She rushed over, picked up the crown, adjusted the size, and placed it back on his head – all in one very smooth execution.

Carats can’t be grateful enough for this fan manager who knows how the crown truly belonged on Hoshi’s head!


7. “You do you and I’ll do me.”

Carats also appreciate how gentle she was with removing the heart hairpin from S.Coups, even when he wasn’t quite so cooperative with her plan. Look how she effortlessly removes the pin from his hair, regardless of whatever it is that he is doing! She didn’t make S.Coups stop moving – because Carats want to see all that movement and energy – but she didn’t pull out any of his hair either.


While this fan manager has now moved on to working with a different K-Pop group, SEVENTEEN fans still deeply thank her for how professionally she had handled the members and ultimately blessed the fans with priceless moments.

Source: Instiz