SEVENTEEN Was Once Asked To End Their Fan Meeting Early—Their Response Shows Their Dedication To Fans

The members share the thoughtful thing they did instead.

SEVENTEEN uploaded a special video today in honor of their seventh anniversary.

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SEVENTEEN debuted on May 26, 2015, under Pledis Entertainment. To commemorate their seventh anniversary, the 13 members gathered to tell stories from their trainee days, discuss resigning their contracts, and talk about how special their fans, CARATs, are to them.

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For one segment of the special, the members recalled special moments they shared with CARATs. Leader S.Coups said that he feels incredibly proud when he sees CARATs at events.


He shared, “They give us so much support. When we go up on stage and other singers are in front of us, we feel the pressure to do better. They all watch us on awards and that’s intimidating.” He continued, “But I feel so much [more] confident when CARAT is there.

Mingyu chimed in and said that at the Dream Concerts, one of the largest joint K-Pop concerts in Korea, the audience is separated by fandom. DK said that when they spot CARATs in the crowd, they make sure to perform to them.


They show their love to their fans in more ways than just on stage. They proved this when they recalled a touching memory they shared with their fans at an early fan meeting.

It was one of their first fan meetings, and it was a high-five event. The event was held outside of a music show, and despite there being a large crowd, it was getting dark, so they were told they would have to end the event. Instead of packing up for the day, Seungkwan revealed that instead, the members moved to a nearby park to continue.



Jeonghan said the event went on for nearly 4 hours, but they ensured that every fan went home with a high-five. DK thoughtfully added that although that was a long day, it was enjoyable for the group.

With all of the members renewing their contracts with Pledis Entertainment last year, SEVENTEEN are sure to continue making precious memories with their fans. 

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