SEVENTEEN’s “Fear” Gets A Super Sexy Upgrade, Featuring Comedian Yoo Min Sang

Watch and learn, SEVENTEEN.

In the latest episode of Tasty Guys, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Mingyu showed off their charismatic dance moves to “Fear”.


And while amused by the members’ grooves, the comedian show hosts wanted to make things fun and spice up the choreography a little bit.


Host Moon Se Yoon pointed out, “There is something missing…”


… and asked host Yoo Min Sang to provide some tweaks to upgrade the overall vibe — and Carats are rolling on the floor laughing at what came after!


Yoo Min Sang recommended that the members add in some fierce, can’t-touch-this kind of facial expressions to the choreography. Here’s his suggestion:


Carats can’t wait to see the members put this explosively sexy visual upgrade in to effect!


Watch the full clip here: