Fans Freaked Out When They Saw A Girl Swimming With SEVENTEEN…But It’s Not What You Think

Don’t let the long hair fool you.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan recently nearly gave some Carats heart attacks when he uploaded this swimming snapshot to Instagram.


At first glance, it may look like a mysterious woman is swimming with the SEVENTEEN members in a hotel pool, but in reality…


…it’s just Jeonghan with long hair!


The unexpected throwback photo may have been unintentionally misleading…


…but this blast from the past made many fans realize just how much they miss Jeonghan’s long, gorgeous hair!


After all, Jeonghan pulled off this long-haired look flawlessly. He managed to look handsome, beautiful, and manly all at the same time!


Nowadays, Jeonghan’s hair is much shorter…


…but this iconic look will live on in SEVENTEEN history!