SEVENTEEN Goes To A Private All-Girls School, And Students Go Insane

SEVENTEEN members surprised students at an all-girls middle school and they went crazy!

The boys turned up to meet a fan, Soojung, who attended a fan meeting but wasn’t able to meet them properly.

The members surprised the students during their yoga class, playing a prank by hiding Jeonghan, The8 and Hoshi in the stands, who disguised themselves as cameramen with masks and long coats.

The other members ordered the three idols in the room to dance behind the students when they began doing exercises, even doing a “sexy dance”, and pretend to fall down from the bleachers.

But the girls didn’t notice them until they got closer and began dancing and disrupting the lesson.

When the three “avatars” finally revealed themselves and the other members appeared, there was a lot of screaming and Sujeong started crying!

The boys interacted well with the students, taking photos and checking they turned out well – but the girls mostly stared.

The members even went earlier in the day to buy them presents and gave them all backpacks.

They left Soojung and the entire class with a lot of hilarious but sweet memories.