SEVENTEEN Reveals What They Love Most About Being Idols

Their answers prove how much they care about others.

As part of the GRAMMY Museum Experience and the Prudential Center‘s partnership, SEVENTEEN was the next K-Pop group to complete a Mini Masterclass Q&A about their artistry. One of the questions asked what they loved most about being an idol, and they were open to sharing what kept them going.

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DK was the first to speak up and expressed how much he strived to be a positive role model. “The best thing for me is that we can be a good influence for our Carats and for many others while doing something we love. It’s something we’re incredibly thankful for.

The connection between SEVENTEEN and their fans worked both ways.

DK admitted that he and the rest of the group gained the strength to become better versions of themselves thanks to fans. “They receive comfort and strength from what we do, and when we hear things like that, we once again realize that a singer is someone who is able to act as a positive influence. So we feel a strong sense of responsibility to work harder and do better.

Jun also thanked fans for being the ones that have opened the door for the group to do so many things they care deeply about. “We’re really thankful to our Carats because each day, we step even closer to our dream and do things that we love. So each performance is very precious to us, and we want to show something even better with each opportunity.

For what he enjoyed most, Mingyu revealed that being an idol combined two of the things he loved. “I’m someone who loves to give and receive love, and I think this job is one that really allows me to bask in that exchange.

Even though being an idol has its drawbacks for some, he only focused on how he could be a source of positivity for others—the same as DK. “Some might consider having influence to be a burden, but I believe that being a positive influence can be very meaningful.

Although the question was about what they enjoyed about being artists, the fact that they focused on how they could help fans proved just how selfless the members of SEVENTEEN are. They’re truly role models anyone would be lucky to have.

Check out their heartwarming answers on what they loved most about being such a noteworthy idol group.