SEVENTEEN Reveals Their Hilarious “Bathroom Rule” From Rookie Days

This one of the drawbacks of having a lot of members.

SEVENTEEN recently guested on Knowing Brothers, and during the episode, they spoke on the unique “rule” they had regarding using the bathroom when they were rookies.


Mingyu shared that when they were rookies, their manager had a hard time taking all the members to the bathroom individually. Due to this, a “rule” was made, in which the members had to go in groups of 3 if they wanted to use the bathroom.

If someone wanted to go to the bathroom, then they needed to get two more members to join him.

Even if someone had a stomachache, they still needed to get two more members to go with them.

However, it seems that not all the members listened to this rule, as The8 hilariously revealed that he would sneak to the bathroom if he needed to go.

Here’s the full video below!