SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Team Breaks Down What They Carry In Their Bag

No, that’s not a harmonica like Wonwoo claimed 😆

Since SEVENTEEN‘s Hip-Hop Team graced the pages of W Korea with their chic fashion and abs, the members sat down for a fun twist on an interview.

Rather than only saying their answers to what they carried in their bags, each of them drew a picture to show everyone.

Being the leader, S.Coups kicked off their show and tell with a humorous start. He didn’t need any time as all for his drawing, finishing long before the rest of them.

He was the type of person who preferred not to carry a bag at all, “Since I don’t carry a bag, I drew a bag with an X.Wonwoo didn’t share the sentiment.

Wonwoo kept it simple with his three must-have items. Though S.Coups mistook his drawing of a power bank for a microwave, it was one of his necessities, along with his earbuds and a good book.

Mingyu drew three items as well, adding that he hadn’t been able to perfect his drawings.

Through drawings that were the most detailed so far, Mingyu showed the charger, wallet, and cologne he kept in his bag. While S.Coups had been the one to poke fun at Wonwoo’s drawing, Wonwoo did the same to Mingyu’s cologne bottle: “That one’s a harmonica.

Vernon‘s drawings were more minimalist. Yet, the items were similar to Wonwoo and Mingyu’s.

Vernon wanted a good book like Wonwoo and his phone charged like Mingyu. For the last item, he kept it simple with some lip balm.

Watch S.Coups, Vernon, Mingyu, and Wonwoo show off their drawing skills with the items they keep—or don’t keep—in their bags.