SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Accidentally Let Everyone Know He Ripped His Pants

What are Carats going to do with him?

In just about every situation, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi can find a way to bring laughter to everyone involved. That was the case at the end of their “Home” and “Snap Shoot” performances for SBS‘s Gayo Daejun.


To conclude their stage, they all stopped and posed to snap those perfect thumbnails.

Immediately after they were done, Hoshi covered his pants with one hand and his mouth with another. He hid his embarrassed laughter at ripping his pants as he stood up.

As soon as Jun, DK, and Mingyu realized what happened, they all began to laugh at Hoshi for destroying yet another pair of pants with his fierce dancing. That wasn’t even the funniest part of the entire situation.

After he’d bowed and ran backstage, he announced, “I ripped my pants,” not knowing that his microphone was still on. Even though Wonwoo couldn’t be seen just like Hoshi, his laughing carried through his microphone. The8 was so entertained by what they were hearing that the camera captured him trying to get Vernon‘s attention.

Hoshi never fails to bring laughter to Carats and non-Carats alike. As if someone ripping their pants wasn’t hilarious enough, try accidentally announcing it to everyone there.


Watch Hoshi become cutely embarrassed by the mishap and funnily announce it to a whole audience.