SEVENTEEN Fans Make Hoshi’s Dream Of Petting A Tiger Come True

Honestly, this is probably the safest way he could do it.

SEVENTEEN‘s performance unit leader Hoshi has long been hard at work integrating tigers into his personal branding, often referring to himself as a tiger and saying horanghaae, a pun on the Korean phrase saranghae that switches “I love you” to “I tiger you.”

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN’s 2020 Season’s Greetings | SEVENTEEN

He also owns a number of tiger-themed items (such as a phone case and numerous tiger stuffed animals), and frequently wears articles of clothing depicting tigers.

Hoshi in his “Ode to YOu” tour shirt | @pledis_17/Twitter

He even wrote a song about tigers! Needless to say, his love of tigers is the real deal.

So when fans saw this video of Hoshi standing in front of a green screen and requesting to have tigers edited into the picture with him, they knew what they had to do.

Naturally, many fans replaced the video’s background with a clip of real tigers to let Hoshi immerse himself.

Of course, since Hoshi always calls himself a tiger, fans couldn’t resist editing the video to make him pat his own head.

They even made him pat the head of fellow member The8 when he was imitating Hoshi in their 5-year anniversary special!

Still other fans gave Hoshi the privilege of petting tigers that aren’t real.

Including the CGI tigers in this hilarious video!

Given the number of responses Hoshi’s received, he has to be thrilled that CARATs are granting his wishes. We tiger you too, Hoshi!

Source: @hoshzone