Here’s SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Extra AF Version of MONSTA X’s Shoot Out Dance

A pure MON-VENTEEN moment.

SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X members are known to be good friends, so it is no surprise they like to sing and dance along to the other group’s bops. In fact, Carats and MONBEBEs know in their hearts that they are actually just one big group called MON-VENTEEN.


At a recent fan meeting though, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi went extra with his take on MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” choreography and fans can’t handle the insanity! SEVENTEEN members immediately fell into place and began doing the infamous “man tiddies vibration dance”…


… except for Hoshi, the vibrations were clearly turned up to MAX!


Hoshi continued to bust out his MONSTA X moves, while other SEVENTEEN members and the fans cracked up at the pure nuclear energy level.


Check out Hoshi’s “Shoot Out” on steroids…


Hoshi could very much become the 8th member of MONSTA X!


Fans can’t wait for MONSTA X to catch this video, because MONSTA X members are well known to absolutely adore SEVENTEEN members, especially performing on stage. Look how MONSTA X members are so happy when they hype up SEVENTEEN!


Carats and MONBEBEs are UWU-ing over this K-Pop friendship and hope they continue to stay super close and supportive!


Watch the full clip here: