SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Extreme Love For Tigers Gets Him In Trouble

He loves tigers so much, it’s too cute!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s love for tigers is evident and he makes sure CARATs are reminded of it everyday.

He always shows off his admiration and love for tigers wherever and whenever! He wears tiger patterned or printed outfits and even showed CARATs the tiger stuffed toys he bought for himself!

Hoshi even created a pun with the Korean words “horangi,” which means “tiger,” and “saranghae” which means “i love you.” He created the pun “horanghae” using those two words and uses that whenever he tells CARATs that he loves them!

He loves tigers so much that he even got in trouble for it! While communicating with fans on the fan café, he suddenly changed his username to “17_HoshiHorange” and placed a tiger emoji. However, CARATs started commenting on his most recent post that usernames cannot have emojis as part of the fan café rules and guidelines.

It seems like Hoshi wasn’t aware of the rules because he was surprised to hear it from fans and replied saying he didn’t know about it. Seconds after his user name change, he got demoted on his group’s own official fan café!

After what happened Hoshi posted on the level up board that he is from SEVENTEEN and that he was applying to level up! However, CARATs told him that he was using the wrong format, and Hoshi posted that he was having a difficult time.

The fan café staff took advantage of the moment to make fun of the situation and commented under Hoshi’s post to post a proof that he is indeed a SEVENTEEN member. Hoshi posted a selfie he took and made sure he showed his ring on his pinky finger, a true mark that he is a member of SEVENTEEN.

CARATs can’t get enough of the funny experience of a SEVENTEEN member getting demoted on his own official fan café!

Hoshi made sure to tell fans to follow the rules because the consequences of disobeying them are not easy! He also just settled for making his profile photo a tiger instead of adding it to his nickname! He just can’t let tigers go!


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