SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Joshua, And Dino Find Themselves In A Dilemma After Finding Cash On The Ground

Their reaction is so cute!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Joshua and Dino went on a trip together to Bangkok and had a great time.

While at the airport, they are caught up in a dilemma after finding money on the ground.

As they continued to stand by the money, Hoshi wondered if this was some sort of social experiment.

“What will citizens do after finding 5000 KRW ($~4.48 USD) on the ground…”

Now that they have seen the money, it was difficult for them to just leave it behind.

After much debate, they decided to do something about it!

Dino quickly takes the cash to the airport information desk for safe keeping.

After completing the task, the trio was proud that they took care of the lost money properly.

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh at how serious they were about the money they found:

  • “It’s so funny how they turned on the camera after finding money on the ground.”
  • “Do most people do what they did? I think it’s only because they are SEVENTEEN that they can return the money like that.”
  • “It’s so cute how they think like that!”
  • “It feels like he was supposed to be a comedian that just ended up becoming an idol.”

Watch the full video below!

Source: instiz


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