Hoshi Forgot His Japanese Speech On Live TV, And SEVENTEEN Completely Lost It

None of them could keep straight faces—even Hoshi 😂

Whatever language SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is studying, he does his best to improve his skills. But one moment where he completely forgot his Japanese speech left SEVENTEEN and Carats cracking up.

Hoshi and Jeonghan.

At the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, Hoshi began his Japanese speech strong, until all the words he’d memorized completely left him.

Because they were on live TV, Hoshi quickly tried to cover it up by laughing. The rest of the members immediately realized what was happening. Joshua, Vernon, and Jeonghan burst into laughter beside him and weren’t the only ones.

The members laughed so hard they tried to hide it. S.Coups covered his mouth; Woozi bent forward; Mingyu walked away; Seungkwan gestured to the hosts that Hoshi forgot his lines. Their hilarious reactions made the moment funnier.

Hoshi tried so hard to pick up where he left off and remember his lines that Jeonghan began to say the lines in his ear. Even that didn’t go as planned.

By then, none of them could keep straight faces as Hoshi gave up and passed the microphone to Jeonghan.

Though Jeonghan was able to finish Hoshi’s speech smoothly, he was so embarrassed that he covered his face as he walked away from the microphone.

SEVENTEEN are so unintentionally funny they even make themselves laugh. Only a true family can poke fun at their mistakes.

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