Blond Or Black? SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Chooses The Hair Color He Likes Best

There was no competition for Hoshi.

For his latest fashion looks and performances, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has been slaying them with chic black hair.

Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Since he’s known for often wearing platinum blond hair, Esquire Korea wondered which hair color Hoshi preferred.

During Hoshi’s interview with the magazine, he chose between the two hair colors. In Hoshi’s eyes, there was no competition.

He chose the lighter hair color as his favorite but revealed it had a significant downside. Hoshi said, “I like platinum blonde, but you can’t bleach your hair all the time.

Although platinum blonde has become one of Hoshi’s iconic hair colors, he keeps his hair healthy by giving it a break from chemicals.

| @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Whatever hair color Hoshi wears, he looks amazing.