SEVENTEEN Hoshi Revealed Why He Was A Harsh Dance Teacher During Their Trainee Days

He had a heartfelt reason for being so tough on his members.

Long before SEVENTEEN debuted, Hoshi‘s always had a hand in crafting their choreography and making sure everyone’s in-sync. To execute that role, there were times he was super strict.

During his appearance on Radio Star, Hoshi opened up about the heartfelt reason why he had to be so tough on his members.

Hoshi knew exactly where the conversation was headed when a host mentioned, “But when you teach the choreography to your members, you are very strict when it comes to discipline.

He clarified that it was from his past, before SEVENTEEN debuted. “That was when I was a trainee.

Thinking back on those times, Hoshi shared how their company had influenced him to be that way. “When I was a trainee, our agency wasn’t that big.

To make a name for themselves, he wanted to make sure the group did their best to stand out. “I wanted us to do well. And, this was the only team I had too.

Since dancing was the area he excelled in, Hoshi did everything he could to make sure they were set up for success. “And, that’s the only thing I could do. So, I was a bit sensitive.

He even resorted to tough love to encourage them, “The harshest comment I made was, ‘Our team will fail because of someone like you.’” Everyone at the table was shocked by the confession.

Although the words were harsh back then, Hoshi revealed that all the members laugh about it now. “But, the guys tease me for it nowadays… I make mistakes too. I’m human.

Whenever Hoshi messes up now, the members playfully turn those words back on him. “They’d tell me, ‘Our team will fail because of someone like you.’ They’re just kidding.

Even though all the members fought hard to debut in their own ways, now they can look back on those tough times with brand new eyes. Listen to Hoshi open up about the tough love and how they poke fun at it now.