SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Makes A Heartwarming Video Letter Thanking Woozi For His Help On “Spider”

“You know me the best.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently filmed with Studio Choom to showcase his incredible performance of “Spider.” During a moment behind the scenes, Hoshi expressed his gratitude toward his fellow member Woozi who helped make the hit mixtape.

For those who have not heard Hoshi’s “Spider,” Hoshi explained the mixtapes enchanting lyrics and attention-grabbing choreography.

‘Spider’ is a song that conveys the emotions when you’re unable to escape from something. Metaphorically to being tied up in a spider web.

— Hoshi

As Hoshi has stated several times while promoting his solo debut, Woozi was an intricate part of the hit “Spider.” To the cameras, Hoshi lovingly titled Woozi as a “Genius songwriter.”

My 10 years friend. Genius songwriter, Woozi wrote this song with me! And also worked on the lyrics. This song is made by Hoshi and Woozi.

— Hoshi

Hoshi was then asked to do a video letter to Woozi and Hoshi’s words were nothing but sweet! Carats! Prepare to have your heart melted.

My friend. We first met when we were in the 10th grade and now we are already 26. Well I don’t know…our friendship is still going. We fought a lot. You know me the best. Thank you so much for writing a song that suits me well. I’ll do my best with this song! I love you.

— Hoshi

Being the sweet person he is, Hoshi also made sure the hard work of those involved in the making of “Spider” did not go noticed.

There are so many staff members who helped me. Choreographer Youngjun and Hyerim. All the dancers are choreographers as well. Since the beginning, they all came to compose those moves. Seriously, I’m not doing great by myself. They helped me and made me look good. As I prepare this song I felt like, ‘Wow, I really have good people around me.’ I thought that a lot

— Hoshi

Check out the video:

Source: @pledis_17