How SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Helped Wonho Prepare For His Comeback

It’s the collab you never knew you needed.

During his comeback show for his new album OBSESSION, Wonho revealed that he had received special help from none other than SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (left) and Wonho (right) | @pledis_17/Twitter & @official__wonho/Twitter

It’s not surprising that Hoshi would lend Wonho a hand. The two have been friends for awhile. Fans will know of the close bond that SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X, Wonho’s former group, have.


The two groups debuted May 2015 and have been close ever since. They regularly hang out together.

(left to right) MONSTA X’s Shownu, Wonho, and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi in 2018 | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Eagle-eyed fans even recently suspected the pair of hanging out when Wonho and Hoshi each posted a photo of a burger that looked incredibly similar, just from different angles.

Notice the dent?

Wonho’s post (left) and Hoshi’s post (right) | @official__wonho/Twitter & @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

So, when Wonho mentioned during his comeback show that Hoshi had helped him with his choreography, fans were surprised but not taken off guard.

Apparently, Hoshi lent his impressive ability to help Wonho come up with the point dance in his choreography for “Eye On You.”

It makes sense, considering Hoshi’s skill level as a dancer, as fans know.

Shout out to Hoshi for what’s sure to become an iconic part of Wonho’s “Eye On You.”