SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Hurt Reaction To “Fan’s” Negative Comment Had Carats Royally Upset

His expression worried fans.

If you know SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, there’s one thing that he has no shame in loving: tigers. He never misses the chance to include his favorite animal, whether it’s in his aegyo or his fashion.

When Hoshi showed off some of his tiger aegyo during a video call, his hurt reaction to the fan’s comment on it rubbed many the wrong way.

| Weverse

Sporting a bright smile, Hoshi curled up his hands like tiger claws in an adorable way that would melt anyone’s heart. After he did so, the fan commented on what they thought about it.

Although the clip had been put together to merely focus on Hoshi and only his response could be heard clearly, it provided everyone with an idea of what had been said: “No, it’s not cute?

As Hoshi’s smile disappeared, he held a hand to his chest as if in pain.

Even after a few moments had passed, Hoshi’s smile hadn’t returned. From the way his hand curled on his chest and his awkward nodding, fans thought he appeared uncomfortable.

After seeing how hurt Hoshi appeared, many Carats voiced their concern and anger that a “fan” would say something negative that would affect him in that way.

Due to all of the comments coming to Hoshi’s defense, the fan turned out to be a Hoshi fansite and apologized for the misunderstanding that arose from the video clip.

The two were reportedly playing jokes on each other, which was why the fan joked that Hoshi’s aegyo hadn’t been cute.

Still, it shed a spotlight on an issue that arises for many idols and in daily life with ordinary people. Even though something may be said jokingly, it could still unintentionally hurt someone or make them uncomfortable.