SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Revealed Jun’s “Weird Hobby”

Even Jun admitted it was out of the ordinary.

When it came to hobbies that are a bit out of the ordinary, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi named one of Jun‘s that left him with some questions.

Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

When thinking of his fellow member, Hoshi exposed Jun’s obsession with food delivery coupons that were taking over their dorm fridge. Hoshi asked, “When are you going to use them?” Fortunately, Jun shed light on the hobby.

Jun gets his food delivered very often. Then he puts the coupons on the fridge. I think he’s got like thirty of them.

— Hoshi

There was no rhyme or reason why Jun kept stacking up the coupons. He said, “Those coupons are for free delivery actually. But I just like to collect them.” The hobby was also bigger than Hoshi knew.

Jun revealed that his collection had grown to cover an even bigger door. He continued, “I have them not only on the fridge but also on my door.

Since most people collect coupons for their shopping trips or a quick discount on food, even Jun admitted it was unusual. Jun said, “It’s kind of like a hobby, I guess? It is a weird hobby, though.

Who would’ve thought that growing his coupon empire is one of the keys to making Jun happy? Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that bring the most joy.

Hoshi and Jun.