SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Knows A Restaurant Has Tasty Food If They Make One Dish Perfectly

Seungkwan and DK weren’t too sure about how well his philosophy worked.

Although SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has a slim body and toned abs, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying some tasty meals, especially when eating at restaurants.

When the group discussed how to determine if a restaurant had good food, besides checking reviews, Jeonghan knew which member to turn to. He turned around and asked, “What is the food philosophy of Hoshi?”

It hadn’t been a mystery between them. DK immediately caught on, knowing precisely what Jeonghan had been referring to. He turned his head, asking, “Don’t you have a philosophy about kimchi?”

Knowing the spotlight was all on him, Hoshi shared his wisdom. Referring to himself in the third person because he can, he began, “Whatever shop he goes [to], he tries kimchi first.”

Since kimchi is an essential staple in Korean food, it should be the one thing a restaurant makes well. Hoshi finished his philosophy with, “He tries kimchi, and if the kimchi is bad, that restaurant is bad.”

Seungkwan and DK didn’t seem to agree with that way of thinking. They were ready to poke holes in his philosophy with questions of their own.

After laughing, Seungkwan pointed out that the menu would have far more dishes than just kimchi. “You like kimchi that much you won’t even taste the main menu?”

Turning to Woozi, DK explained another scenario, asking about a restaurant that’s not focusing on kimchi. “We go to a pork cutlet restaurant, and if there is no kimchi or has bad kimchi, are you saying, ‘The food here is bad.'”

Even so, Hoshi’s philosophy makes sense. If a restaurant can’t make a simple or typical dish perfectly, that could be an indicator that the rest of the menu may be just as disappointing, especially if you’d planned to eat that dish with your main meal.

As Seungkwan and DK pointed out, that’s not always the case. Listen to Hoshi’s way of determining how good a restaurant is here. Do you have your own way of figuring out how good a restaurant’s food is?