SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Expresses How Much He Misses His Members His While Filming Without Them

“I’m lonely.”

By now, everyone has seen and heard SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s mixtape masterpiece “Spider.” Since this is Hoshi’s solo debut, Hoshi expressed how different it was to be filming without his several members.

Carats are well aware of SEVENTEEN’s tight bond and support, so when Hoshi filmed his “Spider” choreography for Studio Choo, Hoshi shared it was a whole new experience.

It’s my first time to do performing a schedule by myself. It’s a very new experience to me.

— Hoshi

Throughout the behind the scene footage of his Studio Choom filming, Hoshi constantly talked about his members and how lonely he was. Hoshi adorably looked into the camera at one point and shared, “I’m lonely.

Every time we’re all crowded. Really we’re always…crowded and now…

— Hoshi

Instead of talking about his mixtape or the choreography, Hoshi couldn’t help but mention his members and their loving friendship.

Our members are like my real brothers and also real friends. These days I feel like, I got no friends. Except them (laughs).

— Hoshi

Despite being lonely, Hoshi assured the viewers that all the member showed their generous support. Hoshi also went into details about how kind S.Coups was to him and the staff during the music video shooting. Their bond is truly precious!

Oh, I have to say this. When I filmed the music video, they all came. S.Coup’s hyung, he sent a coffee truck. There were so many staff members, so he brought more coffee.

— Hoshi

Hoshi showed his love for S.Coups with a lovely heart sign!

Despite the nerves and loneliness, Hoshi showed his professionalism as he instantly exuded confidence once the cameras started rolling. Hoshi, as expected, absolutely killed it!

Check out the video below: