SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Looks Back On Iconic SHINee Album That Sparked His Idol Dreams

It’s where it all started, over ten years ago.

It’s been five years since SEVENTEEN debuted with “Adore U” from 17 Carat, making them senior artists in their own right and taking them far beyond their dreams of simply debuting.

To look back on what sparked Hoshi‘s dream of becoming an idol in the first place, he posted to their fancafe with the title, “It’s already.. twelve years..”

With a photo attached, he revealed the albums that had caused it all: SHINee‘s SHINee World and the repackaged AMIGO.

Referring to them, Hoshi stated how precious they were and how they made him dream of one day becoming a singer. The most surprising part of the photo was the autographed album.

In the upper left corner, it was addressed specifically to Hoshi with “Soonyoung-ie” written there.

Not only had he been such a fan that he could’ve attended a fan signing to receive it, but it put into perspective how the group probably hadn’t known they’d inspired him to follow in their footsteps, becoming an idol too.

Regardless of age, SHINee has inspired many idols, from SEVENTEEN to newer groups like TXT. Hoshi has continued that cycle of inspiration, inspiring younger idols to achieve their dreams of becoming singers as well.

If it hadn’t been for them, the world may not have ever known SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi as the amazing, multi-talented idol he is now.