SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Proof That The Maknae Will Never Be Able To Fool The Firstborn

It took less than ten minutes for him to get caught.

In a video with Pixid on YouTube, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi pretended to be a firstborn daughter in a group chat with four actual oldest sisters. Hoshi was confident that he wouldn’t get caught as there would be no visual or audible hints at his identity, but contrary to his belief, he was suspected within mere minutes.

Hoshi is the maknae of the family, and according to his own words, he’s also the maknae of his entire extended family. Still, Hoshi was confident that he could pull off the con since he remembered his older sister’s interactions with him well and because he was the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team.

The five began to introduce themselves to one another, and each person used nicknames that screamed “older sister.” Two of them went by “Firstborn Meat Chef” and “Water Drawer Cinderella,” which say a lot about how servant-like the older sibling position can sometimes be, while Hoshi went by “Gimme Remote.”

| Pixid/YouTube

He chose the name because he remembered his older sister would say it to him often, and while true, his nickname already showed that he didn’t have the sentiment of an older sibling the rest of the chat members had.

It took eight minutes in the chat for Hoshi to get caught by the other older sisters, as he was the only one to put emojis and cute stickers. It didn’t help that his refute was “I’m just cute,” something most older sisters would never so quickly say about themselves.

Later on, as their suspicions kept growing stronger, Hoshi switched tactics when one of the other older sisters asked if he was her real younger sister since they acted so similar. This resulted in a hilarious interaction, and Hoshi could barely keep it together. It got to the point where they texted their moms’ names into the chat, and somehow, the names were only one character off.

Though he desperately tried to silence his laugh, the older sisters still poked fun and commented that his spray of laughter was like that of an old man’s. It seems that besides catching on to the fact that he’s the hidden maknae, they also caught onto his gender.

Finally, when they all voted for the hidden maknae, Hoshi got outed. He didn’t realize until the end how obvious he had been about not being the older sibling, which goes to show how ingrained into your thoughts and actions your position in the family can be.

Ending in the cutest way possible, Hoshi once again is the absolute maknae that any older sister would spoil.